Outdoor Succulent Wreath


Outdoor Succulent Wreath

from 85.00

Let’s beautify our doors this summer and year-round!

We are thrilled to introduce our Outdoor Succulent Wreaths! They are planted with a variety of colorful sempervivums and sedums that are hardy to our Idaho winters and summers. So you can leave your wreath year-round on your door.

The succulents will require watering once per week, and an environment where they can get direct natural sunlight.

The wreaths are made to order, therefore there is a two week period from ordering to delivery/pick-up. We currently have the 13” wreath in stock, if you would like a 9” or 17”, please contact me for information on when your wreath will be ready.

Choose from three different sizes:

  • 9” $85

  • 13” $125

  • 17” $165